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Michael r. blake Reviews

Limon “The Unsung,” Michael Blake moves with a velvety softness…seeming to tug at the sky. (Jennifer Dunning)


Phyllis Lamhut Dance Co. “Cleave,” Of the ensemble of dancers, Michael Blake is a find. (Phyllis Goldman) Blake was especially notable for his muscularity and marvelous insouciance. (Bill Deresiewicz)


40Up: a dynamic generation “Deja vu,” Michael Blake’s delightful performance of an excerpt from Deja vu (Murray Louis’ amusing parody of what seems to be a ballet dancer who’s instructed to “sell it.”) (Lisa Jo Sagolla)


Donald Byrd/The Group “Duet/Drastic Cuts,” Michael Blake invests every move and gesture with powerful nuances that suggest intense intimacy, dependence and more understatedly, a struggle to be free. All of this is in pure physical terms. (Jennifer Dunning)


Donald Byrd/The Group “Jazz Train,” Michael Blake’s space-eating steps and stretches look as if they will take him out of the theater and into the woods. (Jennifer Dunning)


Donald Byrd/The Group “Still,” Blake, in a solo turn, executes a series of astonishing lifts and falls under a center spotlight that gives him the look of a helpless overdose victim. This memorable moment occurring at the end of the piece was shocking—a jostling image. (Phyllis Goldman)


PARADIGM “It All” (Dwight Rhoden) Michael Blake works the choreography out! He has such power in his movement. (JoiLynn)


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